Double Time

Sniper: Ultimate Kill  (Theaters-NA; Streaming-2017)  Rated: R  Runtime: 90-93 minutes

Genre: Action-Drama-ThrillerM Sniper 2017

els – 5.5/10

IMDb – 5.6/10

Amazon – 4.0/5 stars

Rotten Tomatoes Critics – NA/10

Rotten Tomatoes Audience – 3.2/5

Metacritic Metascore – NA/100

Metacritic User Score – NA/10

Directed by: Claudio Fäh

Written by: Chris Hauty

Music by:  Frederik Wiedmann

Cast:  Chad Michael Collins, Billy Zane, Tom Berenger, Danay Garcia

Film Locations:  Bogota, Columbia

Budget:  NA

The DEA sends marine sniper Brandon Beckett (Collins) to Columbia to assist in capturing the biggest drug lord in all of South America and eliminate his deadly enforcer: “The Devil”.  The Devil, a sniper supplied with special tracking ammo, plays a cat and mouse game with Beckett to prevent the DEA from capturing the drug kingpin.  The bad guys manage to always be one step ahead of the good guys, providing for lots of action and thrills along with the expected and predictable plot twists.

This is the 7th film in the Sniper franchise which began with the 1993 movie: Sniper.  This is Claudio Fah’s second Sniper movie that he has directed, his first being the 2011 Sniper: Reloaded.  His direction produces exactly what this movie should be; an action movie first and foremost with very little time allotted for character development or subtle plot details.  The main actors are the accomplished and capable actors; Berenger, Collins, and Zane, with Sniper: Ultimate Kill being the first movie in the franchise where all 3 have appeared together. The only faulty acting in this movie is by Danay Garcia who just manages to recite her lines without tripping over her tongue and strangling herself.

Sniper: Ultimate Kill is a fun action movie that provides enjoyable viewing if you’re not looking for anything too cerebral or containing profound substance. You have seen this movie a 100 times in various forms, but when they are well done they are worth an hour or two of your time. Turn down the lights and pass the popcorn.

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