Grand Forks, ND Housing Market: Jan 2018

Trends from the previous month:

  1. December 2017 price drop and days on the market increase were all an statistical anomaly due to houses being pulled briefly from the market and then added back in a few days later.  This has the effect of resetting the clock as far as days on the market is concerned.  Houses that were on the market for a year or more are now listed as being for sale only for a few days.  It will take a few months for this trade trick to work itself out of the numbers.
  2. Ignoring the clock resets, the number of homes on the market continues to decrease.
  3. Homes selling for less than $500,000 are staying on the market longer. Homes on the market for more than $500,000 are selling quicker.
  4. Price per square foot for all homes is essentially flat.
  5. Next month I will have 6 months of data and will start showing the monthly results in graphical form.  Should be easier to ascertain the month to month changes.RE Housing Jan 2018

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